Marketing & Business Development Overview

This nine month program trains you, today’s entrepreneur, on strategic marketing and introduces you to the concept of Model Business Levels. In addition, we will analyze business deals and opportunities while exploring advanced concepts for exponential growth.

By experiencing this course, you will begin to access the mindsets of a strategic business owner. It gives you, the business owner, executive, and manager, new skills in management and executive development while supporting you through exponential growth.

In the RSC Strategic Marketing & Business Development™ webinar you will:

  • Learn to chart your success
  • Get trained to leverage your success
  • Distinguish marketing and sales
  • Find your Exclusive Marketing Advantage
  • Invent the market of no competition
  • Master Business Multiplication Principles
  • Discover Conclusion Based Planning
  • Be exposed to Process Centered Thinking and Operation
  • Experience Organic Geometric Growth

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Business owners who want to work less and grow more
  • People who want to run organizations
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop a replicable business system
  • Corporate executives and professionals
  • Small business owners who want to grow
  • Self-employed professionals who work alone or with limited support
  • Working professionals who want to start a part-time business

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