Business Case Studies

Event Production – revenue reaches $1.2 million per year
Time Frame: 18 months

Encino, California – RSC took a business that was selling products, and making no profit, to a service provider with an annual income of $1.2 million, up from $6,000 monthly. Through a coaching relationship, this client saw a vast improvement in their bottom line in just 18 months.

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Twenty years ago, an event production came to RSC Business Group with a simple problem: They weren’t making any money. With a centralized system and 70 employees on payroll, any and all profits went directly back into maintaining the business as it was. There was nothing left over.

After getting permission from the owners and employees, RSC Business Group went to work streamlining the operations of the business. Rather than one company with 70 employees, we subdivided the company into a number of corporations and entities, each owned by separate people. As a result, 30% of payroll costs disappeared.

Although ownership had to give up some control over the process, they gained the ability to free up their workers to work with each other and go after work on their own. This then created a more positive feedback loop where the now-independent contractors were only paid when they worked. The workers who produced were rewarded, and that money was no longer earmarked for sections of the company that were underperforming. This also allowed for more write-offs.

By freeing up employees to pursue their own goals, and only paying them when there was work to be done, this opened up avenues for everyone. Streamlining and decentralizing the business finally allowed the company to turn a profit, rather than using all of its income simply to keep the business afloat.


Acupuncturist – 1,000% earnings increase
Time Frame: 6 months

West Los Angeles, California – Recently graduated from acupuncture school, this client was making $800 a month working for someone else. Within three months, she was making $8,000 a month. This coaching relationship took a page from Chinese medicine — keep health, and don’t wait to get sick. Using that approach, we proactively marketed, and she was able to sell her services with the goal of maintaining optimal health in her patients, leading her business to flourish.

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RSC Business Group was approached by an acupuncturist who was good at her job, but was doing it for someone else. In order to make the most of her knowledge and skills, we helped her branch out on her own, adding new wrinkles to the business to make it stand out.

Rather than simply offering acupuncture services, we added blood testing and product sales to her business. By incorporating these features into regular checkups, customers came to expect more than just acupuncture during a visit. In fact, these products and tests eventually became 60-70% of the business, significantly eclipsing the profit of acupuncture on its own.

By taking her knowledge of acupuncture and turning it into a sales function, we were not only able to help her grow her business, we were able to differentiate it from others like it, giving her a leg up on the competition.


Multi-business Owner – 1,000% increase in profits
Time Frame: 3 years

Downtown Los Angeles, California – Utilizing RSC’s unique approach to business coaching, we took a wholesale clothier, who despised paying taxes, and challenged him to pay the IRS $1 million a year in taxes. Why? Because it would mean he was making even more money. Now, he proudly displays a check to the IRS for $1 million dollars near his cash register.

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This case is about literally turning trash into cash. We approached this clothier with an unconventional goal: Pay the IRS $1 million in taxes. The reason? If you’re paying that much in taxes, it means you’ve earned a lot more. But, at the start, this company was nowhere near that goal.

Part of the problem was that half of their inventory was literally being thrown out. For any number of reasons, many of the clothes being produced weren’t up to spec and were deemed unsellable. So, we started with that “trash” and brought in seamstresses to repurpose it. Suddenly, things like inadequate jeans were being turned into profitable jean shorts. No longer was half of the inventory being thrown away, it was being turned into product.

Unsurprisingly, sales went up dramatically. Not only was money being saved by not getting rid of inventory, it was being turned into profit by being repurposed and sold. That tax bill went up, just like we’d planned, and the owner was able to take their newfound profit and invest back into themselves.


Computer Parts Business to Mini-conglomerate – 600% revenue increase
Time Frame: 2 Years

Downtown Los Angeles, California – From shop owner to mogul in two years. This client took his small shop and grew the business from an annual revenue of $200,000 to $1.2 million. How? With coaching, he shifted his focus to expanding, founding a computerized design company that sold automated machines for clothing design and management. He then sold maintenance contracts, and then wrote the programs to run those machines. With his profits, he invested in strip malls, then built a small computer design facility and sold cheap software to a budget-conscious market.

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The growth of this computer parts company comes down to the development of teamwork. With the help of RSC Business Group, what started as a one-man operation became a multifaceted entity that’s grown to involve several businesses and make a profit of more than $1 million.

There are advantages to working by yourself, but our client found himself working day and night. To free up time and energy, we convinced him to expand and delegate, being willing to give up some of the profit to run a more effective company. By learning management skills, he was able to create a larger ecosystem within the business, and his willingness to compromise and share eventually led to larger deals.

Now, he runs the business through a headset, collaborating with other computer-repair specialists to help his customers get the services they need. He gets more business, the computer-repair specialists get clients, and customers get their problems fixed. All parts work better as a whole, and everyone is happier thanks to his willingness expand beyond just himself.


Business Consultant – 400% revenue increase
Time Frame: 3+ Years

La Habra, California – Proving that even the consultant needs help, this client needed to increase her income to get out of debt. Through coaching, we were able to market her skills to different large corporations, growing her income from $60,000 to $250,000 in just the second year.

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This business consultant’s success comes down to two things: hard work and self-promotion. She approached us with the goal to get in with Fortune 100 companies, but didn’t know how to grow her business to reach them.

It started with reaching out as much as possible. Stuffing envelopes (500 of them), leaving 20-40 voicemails after work, doing everything she could in her power to promote herself. This cold-call approach led to some initial interest. Then, she presented her seminar, and word-of-mouth helped her grow even further, to the point where she was able to sell her Women’s Way of Leadership courses to larger companies.

The result was $400,000 a year in revenue, but she was able to stay a one-woman band. With the help of exceptional promotional tools, she willed the image of her company into reality. She was ready to work hard, she just needed help figuring out how to focus that hard work.


Radiologist – 400% earnings increase
Time Frame: 5 Years

Santa Monica, California – Facing a merger, a divorce, and limited cash flow, when we started coaching this client, we had a long way to go. Through the coaching process, he saw an increase in his revenue of 400%, surviving the merger and setting up a second corporation that has expanded to include staff. He now owns a home.

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The case of this radiologist is that of a person who walked away just in time. The hospital he was working at was being taken over by a larger hospital, which wanted to turn everyone into employees. However, this would represent a large pay cut.

We were able to negotiate with the hospital to maintain his status as an independent contractor. This allowed him to continue his work treating children with neurological conditions, eventually branching out on his own. The company grew, and he was able to help those in need while making more money.

Rather than get wrapped up in a massive corporation and get lost in the shuffle, we were able to help this radiologist maintain a successful career while offering personalized care, all the way until retirement.


Video Production – 290% revenue increase
Time Frame: 12 months.

Culver City, California – Losing money on a product that was not selling, we worked with this client to develop the next thing, which was a hit, targeting large corporations, resulting in annual sales jumping to $390,000 per year, up from $100,000.

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From the brink of closing to millions of dollars. That’s what happened with this video production company. Originally focused on selling video equipment, the owner found himself nearly out of business when his big-ticket items became undercut by cheaper equipment developed by larger electronics companies. While they came to us for help shutting their business down, we found a way to change the business completely.

Alongside their bread-and-butter of selling equipment, this company did some small amount of production work — with very large margins. Rather than shutting everything down, we shifted over to production, using leftover machines to seed the foundation. Through a postcard promotion, we let larger companies know that we produced events, eventually leading to a partnership with a marketing manager from one of those companies.

In the process, we developed the Fast Fifty, a business model targeted at helping the 50 fastest-growing companies in an area by offering Academy Award-style productions to help promote them. It was cheap, but good, and ultimately led to many millions of dollars of business. We took something that was already there and helped pivot the business to something more profitable, not only saving the company but helping the owner thrive.


Stockbroker – 300% earnings increase
Time Frame: 2 Years

Beverly Hills, California – From broker to VP. This client was a successful broker, and through our coaching relationship, we were able to reposition him as an investment counselor, quadrupling his income and resulting in a promotion to VP. 

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Several years ago, we helped a stockbroker for a large investment firm overcome technological challenges, allowing his expertise to shine.

While the know-how was always there, he had trouble adapting to a fast-changing world. This difficulty held him back, even though he knew the business. By helping him adjust to then-new technology like email, we helped him grow from being an investment broker to a stock jockey. He went from holding $5-10 million in assets to $25 million.

This type of growth did not go unnoticed by the higher-ups. In fact, it ultimately led to him becoming the VP. It all started by helping him move past the things that were holding him back, because he knew far too much about his industry to be stuck where he was.


Actors – 600% earnings increase
Time Frame: 14 months

Tarzana, California – This client was a struggling acting couple. We assessed their natural abilities and helped them start an acting studio where they coached. Additionally, they created a website that provided pathways for actors, mentoring them on how to succeed in the entertainment industry. This increased their income from $1,000 to $7,000 per month. 

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A couple came to us with a simple goal: increase revenue for their acting coaching business. Their passion was to teach people acting, but they were going about it in a one-size-fits-all model. This was limiting earnings.

No two actors are the same, and no two actors arrived at the acting studio with equal levels of training. We introduced the idea of levels of coaching, allowing them to give more individualized training to actors of all skill levels. No longer would beginners feel overwhelmed or experienced actors feel like they were wasting their money. Instead, everyone got the level of coaching they needed.

We helped promote growth by hosting get-togethers in their garage, highlighting the levels of service. When people saw there was a level for them, no matter how inexperienced, the business grew to teach several hundred actors of varying ability, and income went from five figures to six figures.


Massage Therapist – 233% earnings increase
Time Frame: 5 months

West Hollywood, California – Working with this client, we refined how she marketed to her clients, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Her revenue went from $1,500 to $5,000 per month.

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This massage therapist came to us with a twofold problem: He was in a health field but wasn’t healthy, and he was in a personal field and was an introvert.

We started by addressing his lifestyle. Eat better, sleep more, exercise, drink more water, become the picture of health that he was trying to sell to his clients. We helped bring congruency to his life so that he could practice what he preached. This brought him into a healthier mindset that made it easier to address the other problem.

Being introverted in a job in which you have to interact with clients makes the job harder. So, we made it simple: We gave him a script. With that starting point, he could develop the habit of conversation, eventually making it easier to become more talkative. Combined with feeling better about himself, he was able to connect with clients.

Sometimes, the business solution is a life solution. This massage therapist proved that, to the tune of a 233% earnings increase.


Realtor – 160% earnings increase
Time Frame: 17 months

Marina Del Rey, California – We worked with this client to take her business from simply selling homes to teaching people how to use real estate for investment income. Her income increased from $25,000 per year to $65,000 per year.

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The story of this realtor is the story of a change in perspective. Her income came from flipping houses entirely on her own — that including using her own money to buy the homes. But you can’t do this forever. The market will change, and assuming all of the risk meant living on borrowed time.

However, she was scared to borrow money. So, we approached it as an expansion of her business. And, it turned out, she was very good at raising money. Rather than doing this all on her own, we helped her become part of a larger operation. Now, utilizing investors has become a key part of her business, increasing both her revenue and her sales. All it took was a shift from the fear of such a move to embracing the opportunity it offered.


Loan Broker – 122% revenue increase
Time Frame: 2+ Years

Westwood, California – With our coaching support, we took this client from making $90,000 in sales to $200,000 in sales. The client also went from an employee to self-employed in the mortgage business.

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Back in the days when a personal computer cost $3,000, that was exactly the kind of investment that this loan broker needed to make to grow his business. He was working for another loan company, but after closing some deals, we convinced him to invest in computers and become a corporation.

From there, it was a matter of automation and scaling. We moved on from doing everything with paper, and we got people involved who could help set up automation systems. By diversifying the company in this way, we set it up to scale. And when it came time to grow, he was willing to hire anyone who was willing to learn the business.

Then, he branched out into the types of loans that other companies might shy away from, helping a lot of people get homes. This differentiated him from the competition, allowing him to stand out and drive business. By creating a system that allowed for growth and then accommodating that growth, he was able to scale effectively and increase revenue.


Business Analyst – 300% earnings increase
Time Frame: 12 months

Toronto, Canada – Entering a new profession, with limited skill-sets, this client was looking to grow her salability. Through coaching, we upgraded her skill-set in diverse areas, including process re-engineering and documentation, middle management, negotiation, communications, and the ability to ask for raises consistently. She has now increased her market value by 300% and is now looking at starting her own business.


Life Insurance Salesman – 100% earnings increase
Time Frame: 8 months

Beverly Hills, California – By applying targeted marketing strategies and focusing on clients with the potential to produce a higher return on his investment of time, he increased his sales from $24,000 per year to $48,000 per year.

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The simple act of caring can go a long way. When this life insurance salesman came to us, he was new to the business, and selling life insurance was his only focus.

We added a new element: following up. The sale became the first step of a process that now involved checking in on clients every three to six months. We taught him to schedule these follow-ups, to develop and maintain a relationship with clients. This helped differentiate him from others throughout the industry.

Along with being a good practice, his clients took notice of the care he put into keeping them up to speed on their policies and updating them as necessary. This led to word-of-mouth referrals. His clients were happy to recommend him to people they knew because it was clear that he was more than just a salesman. By becoming customer service oriented, he was able to grow his business and more than double his income. Simple, but effective.


Computer Programmer
Time Frame: 9 months

Westchester, California – When he found himself out of work following a merger, this client sought ways to reposition himself, leveraging his skills to transition to a new field. Over a six-month period, we taught him to lead and co-lead seminars in programming. He was then offered a job with a real estate venture firm. Through effective marketing, he repositioned his talents and transferred to another industry and successfully replaced his employment income with self-employment income. He was also able to pursue his passion of coaching RoboCup competitions.

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This computer programmer came to RSC Business Group after losing his job. Rather than a setback, it was an opportunity to do what really wanted: coach in RoboCup competitions.

It started with becoming a computer tutor. He began teaching kids how to do computer programming, setting the stage to pursue his passion. He went on to coach kids not just how to program, but how to program robots, and he represented kids throughout California in these RoboCup competitions, helping them build the best robots possible.

By taking the skills in something he already knew how to do, we repurposed his business. He went from a programmer to a tutor to a coach, all by using past knowledge to inform his future career. It wasn’t a matter of reinventing the wheel, it was about taking what was there and focusing it into a passion.


Time Frame: 3 Years

Santa Monica, California – When she came to RSC, this client was in the middle of the end of a business venture. We assisted in the deconstruction of the existing partnership, and then helped her build a simple practice —allowing her to maintain a balanced life throughout the process. She is now happily practicing on her own.

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The story of this chiropractor is a story about keeping promises. When they came to us, they had joined a partnership that was supposed to involve sharing a customer database, allowing clients to get the best of acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutrition. But a fight over the database and customers eventually led the partnership to dissolve.

However, our agreement stood. We promised that the organization would always be there, so we stuck around, helping it grow, eventually allowing the owner to sell it. We then shifted it from chiropractic to nutrition, creating a new career as a nutritional counselor.

Even though the people and names changed, the entity and clients lived on through our promise to the organization itself, which treats more than 400 patients to this day.


Machine Seller
Time Frame: 9 Months

Downtown Los Angeles, California – This machine seller was faced with a certain shutdown after the machine manufacturer closed operations. We shifted from a sales focus to a maintenance focus, allowing the business to thrive.

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Turning sales into maintenance. That’s what happened with this machine selling company. Their original purpose was selling machines to make cuts and molds for fabrics. However, when the company that produced these machines shut down, there was no longer any viability to selling them.

But the story of this company doesn’t end there. We noticed that customers who had bought these machines were sending them back to the company for maintenance, because their only other option was prohibitively expensive. So, when selling these machines was no longer an option, we adapted the company to move into maintenance.

We reached out to their customers as well as those of the competition, and we set up maintenance contracts. By pivoting away from sales, we were able to save the company while keeping it in the same field that had helped it grow in the first place.