Is your life going where you want it to? Does it come naturally? Easily? If so, great! Often, however, we get in our own way, creating roadblocks that keep us from reaching our goals and having the life we dream of.

In the RSC LifeWorx Coaching program, you’ll discover the concepts and conversations that make life work.

Having life work is a function of making agreements and keeping them.

In the RSC LifeWorx Coaching
webinar you will:

  • Create and modify a checklist for your life
  • Invent habits that make your life work
  • Be exposed to the concept of Collective Integrity
  • Connect to the people in your life (dependent, independent, interdependent)
  • Shift your perception about what makes your life work
  • Integrate with the people in your life

This webinar is ideal for:

  • People who want to strengthen personal discipline
  • People who want to master the fundamentals and foundation of having life work

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