You see fire-engine red with white script — you think Coke. Monochromatic piece of fruit with a bit missing — you think Apple. A three-pointed star — you think Mercedes.

These are icons that have built their brands in a way that people know what to expect when they see them.

Now, imagine that you can do that for your customers. You speak to them in such a way that they know exactly what they are getting, and they want it, they share it, and they come back for more. They appreciate the experience of doing business with you.

For most businesses, this happens by accident. They do not set out to define and create the experience that their customers have, and it shows in their bottom line.

RSC’s Brand Design & Implementation webinar helps you create the experience your customers will have before you even open your doors. You will have a skill that only major corporations have. This program helps you inform your customers of what to expect — and then deliver on it and more.

In the RSC Brand Design and Implementation webinar you will:

  • Learn what a brand is and its importance in business
  • Discover why designing a brand is a critical component of building a successful business
  • Formulate your brand and the brand’s offering
  • Learn how to design an experience name that reflects your brand
  • Create the name of the experience, or “tag line”
  • Invent the sensory experience of your brand
  • Learn the importance of knowing who you want to attract as your customer
  • Distinguish the anti-customer and the ideal customer
  • Be managed to maintain your brand once it is created

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Starting companies
  • Heads of departments

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