Robert S. Chun
Chief Executive Officer

Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Chun, a Master Business Coach, has spent more than 26 years perfecting our Proactive Business Coaching Process. Coaching since the late ’80s, he was coaching small business owners long before there was a business coaching industry.

A Futurist Business Coach, his work derives its power from his unique perspective on life and backgrounds in both Eastern and Western philosophy. This approach accounts for and deals with many human factors that are not usually addressed in traditional coaching.

Mr. Chun began his practice in 1989, following his graduation from UC Davis with a degree in psychology and background studies in business. After encouragement from Steven Gabriel, a successful business coach and his lifelong mentor, he formed RSC & Associates in 1991. Over the years, he has helped create several other businesses. RSC Business Group was created in 2004.

Mr. Chun has developed a distinctive perspective on business and the world, allowing him to accurately predict mass behavior patterns of people, organizations, and society. This ability to accurately predict coming trends has helped many companies redesign their strategies and structures and prosper through changing times. His ability to prototype and restructure businesses has had his clients achieve maximum profitability in the short term while accommodating for growth and expansion in the long term.

Born in Seoul, Korea, Mr. Chun has lived in Los Angeles for more than 41 years.



Brandon Ling

Section Manager of RSC Business Group Alpha

Toronto, Canada

Mr. Ling joined RSC Business Group in 2006. Since joining RSC, he has worked to design and standardize processes, improve small businesses, and manage employees. He is skilled in supporting small businesses, research and development, and building procedures that reflect the values of a company. Mr. Ling is a Toronto native and visits family in Jamaica often.



Gregory Doomanis, MBA
Sr. Consultant and Section Manager of RSC Business Group

Los Angeles, CA

Since 2003, Mr. Doomanis has been designing and implementing financial and operational strategies for RSC clients. After earning his bachelor’s degree from the USC Marshall School of Business, he went on to earn his MBA at Woodbury University and served as Alumni President of his MBA Association. As a top business coach and retirement planner, Mr. Doomanis has coached his clients in reaching their financial and business goals. He currently serves as a Section Manager of RSC Business Group in Los Angeles. He resides in Beverly Hills, California.