The Promise to Our Communities


RSC Business Group, and all of its affiliated members, is a global network that makes a powerful, positive impact locally and internationally. We live with the intention of building a better world.

Inside of this intent we provide:

  • Coaching and consulting
  • Training, support, education, information, systems, and methodologies that benefit all involved.

We create, nurture, and develop groups, companies, businesses, and enterprises — supporting and reinforcing the operative knowledge and integrative cultures that make everything possible.

In our many roles as catalyst, consultant, coach, educator, developer, manager, executive, advisor, investor, and integrator:

  • We create, build, and develop businesses, organizations, companies, and groups that make a difference in this world
  • We cause, create, design, build, partner, and maintain organizations that have a continuous positive global reach and impact through training, access, and participation
  • We maintain pathways of choice, freedom, growth, wealth, and opportunity for all

Collectively, we are a path of financial independence, wealth, awareness, partnership, and freedom. All of those who participate shall benefit from our organization’s intent, effortlessly and decisively, experiencing constant growth and fulfillment.

Through each interaction, we serve humanity and the world in the most positive of ways.


We say that EVERY human being has a place to live, develop, grow, contribute, and make a difference in our integrated global culture. To this future we dedicate all that we are. Our culture creates a world where no one is left out. This world creates a synergy that acts as a platform for this world to work for each and every human being, thus building a better world.

In this world, we live from a simple, yet powerful, recognition that:

  • Our thoughts, intentions, and actions impact every other human being
  • Everyone creates and lives a life of their choosing
  • Each and every human being finds their own way and place in this civilization
  • Everyone learns, grows, develops, and contributes continuously
  • We live a life that matters, making a powerful, positive difference
  • We create and provide that which is wanted and needed in this world
  • Each and every human being can experience satisfaction, integrity, and fulfillment in their life and work through choice
  • There is already everything present in this world for each and every human being — with nothing missing.


Each and every day, we discover, cause, live, and grow inside of the values and practices that make up this world. As we actualize this world, the highest dreams and aspirations of humanity are being fulfilled. As we live our daily lives and share this perspective, we grow beyond the limitations of size, structure, form, history, and past. This world lives inside of each and every one of us — and is born anew and grows each new day as it is expressed by each and every one of us — and it shall always be.