This is for executives who have experienced success, even tremendous success.

As executives, we develop ourselves and build our businesses, but it is who we are, not what we do, that leads to results.

Early in our careers, we learn to move people through our words and direction.

Later on in our careers, we discover that it is not simply our words, but how we speak and give direction.

As time passes, we discover it is not simply how, but where we are looking from when we speak.

While it is true that we set direction — processes are developed and implemented — it is who we are that makes the ultimate difference.

At the highest level, we realize that it is in fact who we are that influences the success, and failure, of our company.

RSC Executive Coaching: Mastery is what it means to be on the path of mastery in business and management.

It is an endless process and, as many of you have already discovered, on the path of mastery, our greatest competition is not our competitors, but our past selves.

RSC Executive Coaching: Mastery addresses this opportunity while integrating and inventing the next level of leadership.


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