The Promise To Ourselves

RSC Business Group and its affiliates:

  • Are entrepreneurial, adaptable and flexible
  • Cause, generate and maintain abundance, prosperity, profitability and viability
  • Adhere to our Charter – Vision, Mission, Values and Operational Definitions
  • Live from compassion, honesty, generosity and wisdom
  • Compensate those that produce correct results exceptionally well
  • Respect individuality and work as a team
  • Generate environments where the truth can be told
  • Communicate openly and appropriately
  • Operate transparently
  • Continuously recognize, reward, and remember our current team members and past members for their contributions
  • Hold ourselves accountable for promises given and received
  • Are responsible for all of our actions and all of the consequences that may come from them
  • Always acknowledge, make amends and clean up any and all mistakes we may cause


We Always:

  • Thoughtfully grow, develop and expand ourselves and the organization
  • Account for and honor our humanity even as we grow, develop and expand
  • Make a positive, global impact together
  • Generate our work and profit from living inside of an integrated global culture, effortlessly and decisively
  • Take necessary steps to ensure ever-improving optimal individual and collective well-being, joy and vitality
  • Operate at an optimal level collectively and individually
  • Plan for, prepare, maintain, and develop new core competencies, foundations, and capabilities even as we reposition and build up our old competencies, foundations and capabilities


There is always more room at the top because, we:

  • Are always growing and expanding our foundation, support and base
  • Keep inventing, building, and reaching the next level – and the next level thereafter
  • Leverage already existing resources while inventing, creating and maintaining new ones
  • Never stop generating opportunities for those who will do what it takes to get us all to the next level


Our door for growth, expansion, and advancement is open and will always remain open for anyone who wishes to walk through it and do what it takes.

Whatever level people choose and build, they can have it and maintain it – or its equivalent – for their life.

Every member of the organization is trained and developed in the business, cultural, social, emotional, intellectual, monetary and financial areas in the most positive, effective way.

Each of us grows as a human being and a fellow member of The Company.