Business Case Studies

Event Production – revenue reaches $1.2 million per year
Time Frame: 18 months

Encino, California – RCS took a business that was selling products, and making no profit to a service provider with an annual income of 1.2 million dollars, up from $6,000 monthly. Through a coaching relationship, this client saw a vast improvement in their bottom line in just 18 months.


Acupuncturist – 1,000% earnings increase
Time Frame: 6 months

West Los Angeles, California – Recently graduated from Acupuncture School, this client was making $800 a month, working for someone else. Within three month she was making $8,000 a month. This coaching relationship took a page from Chinese medicine – keep health, and don’t wait to get sick. Using that approach, we proactively marketed, she was able to sell her services, by taking on the position of causing and maintaining optimal health in her patients her business flourished.


Multi-business owner – 1,000% increase in profits
Time Frame: 3 years

Downtown Los Angeles, California – Utilizing RSC’s unique approach to business coaching, we took a wholesale clothier, who despised paying taxes, and challenged him to seek to pay the IRS one million a year in taxes. Why you ask? Because that means he is making more money, and his businesses are successful. Now he proudly displays a check to the IRS for one million dollars near his cash register.


Computer Parts Business to Mini-conglomerate – 600% revenue increase
Time Frame: 2 Years

Downtown Los Angeles, California – From shop owner to mogul in two years. This client took his small shop and grew the business from an annual revenue of $200,000, to $1.2 million. How? With coaching he shifted his focus to expanding, founding a computerized design company that sold automated machines for clothing design and management; he then sold maintenance contracts, and then wrote the programs to run those machines. With his profits he invested in strip malls, then built a small computer design facility and sold cheap software to a budget-conscious market.


Business Consultant – 400% revenue increase
Time Frame: 3+ Years

La Habra, California – Proving that even the consultant needs help, this client needed to increase her income to get out of debt. Through coaching we were able to market her skills to different large corporations, growing her income from $60,000 before we started to $250,000 in the second year.


Radiologist – 400% earnings increase
Time Frame: 5 Years

Santa Monica, California – Facing a merger, a divorce and limited cash flow, when we started coaching this client we had a long way to go. Through the coaching process, he saw in increase in his of 400%, surviving the merger, setting up a second corporation that has expanded to include staff, completed the divorce and now owns a home.


Video Production – 290% revenue increase
Time Frame: 12 months.

Culver City, California – Losing money on a product that was not selling, we worked with this client to develop the next thing, which was a hit, targeting large corporations, resulting in their annual sales jumping to $390,000 per year, up from $100,000.


Stockbroker – 300% earnings increase
Time Frame: 2 Years

Beverly Hills, California – From broker to VP. This client was a successful broker, through our coaching relationship, we were able to reposition him as an investment councilor, quadrupling his income and resulting in a promotion to the VP position. 


Actor – 600% earnings increase
Time Frame: 14 months

Tarzana, California – This client was a struggling actor. We assessed his natural abilities and helped him to start an acting studio where coached. Additionally he created a website that provides pathways for actors, and mentoring on how to succeed in the entertainment industry. This increased his income from $1,000 to $7,000. 


Massage Therapist – 233% earnings increase
Time Frame: 5 months

West Hollywood, California – Working with this client, we refined how she marketed to her clients making it more efficient and cost-effective. Her revenue went from $1,500 to $5,000 per month.


Realtor – 160% earnings increase
Time Frame: 17 months

Marina Del Rey, California – We worked with this client to take her business from simply selling homes, to teaching people how to use real estate for investment for income. Her income increased from $25,000 per year to $65,000 per year.


Loan Broker – 122% revenue increase
Time Frame: 2+ Years

Westwood, California – With our coaching support, we took this client from making $90,000 in sales to $200,000 in sales. The client went from an employee to self-employed in the mortgage business.


Business Analyst – 300% earnings increase
Time Frame: 12 months

Toronto, Canada – Entering a new profession, with limited skill-sets, this client was looking to grow her salability.Through coaching we upgraded her skill-set in diverse areas including process re-engineering and documentation, middle management, negotiation, communications and the ability to ask for raises consistently. She has now increased her market value by 300% and is now looking at starting her own business.


Life Insurance Salesman – 100% earnings increase
Time Frame: 8 months

Beverly Hills, California – By applying targeted marketing strategies and focusing on clients with the potential to produce a higher return on his investment of time, he increased his sales from $24,000 per year to $48,000 per year.


Computer Programmer
Time Frame: 9 months

Westchester, California – When he found himself out of work following a merger, this client sought ways to reposition himself, leveraging his skills to transition to a new field. Over a six-month period, we taught him to lead and co-lead seminars in programming. He was then offered a job with a real estate ventures firm. Through effective marketing, he repositioned his talents and transferred to another industry and successfully replaced his employment income with self-employment income.


Time Frame: 3 Years

Santa Monica, California – When she came to RCS, this client was in the middle of the end of a business venture. We assisted in the deconstruction of the existing partnership, and then helped her build a simple practice –allowing her to maintain a balances life throughout the whole process. She is now happily practicing solely.