RSC Methodology

The RSC Methodology is a synthesis of over 20 years experience, and is based on successfully working with over 800 organizations.

  1. Business as Integrated System – Produces Results

    While every business (and every individual) is unique, we believe that all businesses have common components, operating as an integrated system. Much like you, if one part is getting exactly what it requires (nutrition for example) then you function well. You feel great and are able to produce results. The same is true for business. We don’t fix a business; we don’t believe anything is broken – ever. All we do is look for what is mission, and add it.
    Ultimately, this is effective allowing you to produce the result you want, on demand through the process of integration – making the organization whole and complete.

  2. Process Driven – Your experience is managed

    We believe any result can be reproduced, provided there is a documented process to follow. Being process driven allows us to manage people’s experience as we move through change and ambiguity, ensuring that the experience of involved is managed according to your needs and conditions.

  3. Enhancing what is present – Enhancing people’s strengths

    Our methodology is unique as we work with people just the way they are. We believe that individuals do not need to change to produce results. While others seek efficiency and cost savings through business re-engineering, we use the processes to augment people’s performance. We believe in effectiveness and efficiency.

  4. Proactive Coaching Methodology – Partnership

    We believe in being proactive. We build a partnership with you through follow up, check in and manage your progress, thereby being more effective and producing results. Naturally, in the course of life itself, this approach allows us to build strategies, create solutions and invent pathways for you to succeed.