Business is a team sport: Build your team and produce more with less effort

This is based upon a simple statement: “I win, you lose” – or a variation of it “I’m great, and you’re not.” This statement acts[…]

The origins and purpose of the entrepreneur

Prepare yourself for a lesson in etymology. The French word entrepreneur is derived from the verb “entreprendre.” It comes from a great family of words[…]

The Secrets to being wealthy

The most effective pathway to achieving wealth is by owning your own business. In the book “The Next Great Bubble Boom” by Harry S. Dent[…]

True Business never fails

We live in really cool times. As I write this, we are about to enter a global recession – some are even predicting a depression.[…]

Business and Entrepreneurship: Passion not required

What’s the deal with passion and business? I often hear people say, “To be in business requires passion”, “Entrepreneurs need passion to be successful”, or[…]

I Wish I Knew What Business was really about in 1988…

I wish I knew that someone distinguished business for me when I was younger. It would have made my life much simpler. But, like with[…]

Entrepreneurs don’t take risks

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? We often hear that being an entrepreneur requires taking great risks. I would like to explore a[…]

Businesses that provide what is needed and wanted

What would happen to your business if you knew exactly what your market needs and wants?   When you look around at the people in[…]

Money can’t buy happiness – so what can it buy?

People sometimes ask me, “Seth why is it so important to you that you and for that matter others have a good handle on their[…]

Managing the myth of “Common Sense”

For the past 19 years, almost each and every client that has come to me has asked me for something simple. They have simply asked[…]